Network Monitoring Tools and Software

Networks play a very crucial role in a modern day business environment and failure of these networks or its components may result in failure in communication between employees and customers. This may further result in substantial loss of productivity and revenue. The entire networking system of your business has several elements that need regular update and adequate monitoring so as to keep them functioning and running all the time. Some of these components include LAN infrastructure like switches, routers etc, business applications, Email Servers and WAN. With the use of effective network monitoring tools and software the IT Professionals diagnose the problem and address the issue timely. These monitoring tools enable the professionals to identify the problems going on in the network infrastructure and report them immediately.

network tools

These monitoring tools offer inclusive and complete solution to address the network bottlenecks and also guarantee impeccable functioning of the network system. The network administrators make use of different network monitoring tools and software programs to diagnosis and look for network configuration errors and also to monitor the network workload. Below you will come across with few crucial and effective tools and software to monitor LAN and WAN networks.


This is the most effective auto-discovering SNMP/MySQL/PHP based networking monitoring tool that is widely used by network administrators today. This tool basically focuses on HP, Foundry, Brocade, Juniper, Cisco, UNIX, Linux and many others. This tool enables the network administrator to identify the detailed graphs with ease, owing to its incredible user-friendly interface. With the utilization of this quality tool one can easily monitor the performance of the applications, system and a huge number of processes. The only drawback associated with this tool is the lack of auto-alter. 


This is a scalable disseminated network monitoring system that primarily focuses on grids and clusters. This tool offers you with an easy to read and instant overview of the entire clustered network system. This software program can be ported to several platforms at once and can be utilized on thousands of clusters across the globe. People who are using server clusters may consider Ganglia monitoring tool which enable you to handle clusters with up to 2000 nodes at a time with ease.

network tools


This monitoring tool is soon becoming the industry standard network and system monitoring tool. This tool is intended to monitor your network systems and automatically alerts you when it is down. This tool also offer exceptional topographical features and enables you to socialize with other IT experts through its community feature which is built right in.


This tool is reckoned as the best and king of open source network monitoring system. Though this tool is not easy to set-up and configure, but it is known for its robust features and effective monitoring system. IT Administrators may also configure this tool manually to reap maximum benefits from this monitoring tool. The features are unmatched and it enables you to set SMS, email, and even printed paper alters.

Apart from network monitoring, it is also equally important for the IT administrators to monitor the application performance to ensure that the applications and servers are functioning adequately with high uptimes and errors. Productivity of companies greatly depends on the functioning of the applications; thereby it is very important to ensure that applications are running perfectly to increase productivity and also to handle workflow efficiently. Here are few tools to monitor the application performance:


A new version of application performance monitoring has been recently launched by Solarwinds. This software enables the administrators to view the most complex phase of server resources and operating systems to ensure that they are functioning adequately. This application is intended to analyze, detect and report the performance of application so that they can take immediate measures to make it function optimally.

New Relic APM

This application allows the IT administrators to monitor the performance of applications with full visibility within 5 minutes. It provides you with the actionable insights into the application data through its under-friendly format and intuitive interface.


This software program manages and monitors application’s performance on a wide variety of technologies including, physical & virtual servers, .NET, Java and more. This application is very effective in creating exceptional user experience and also guarantees that the IT environment of your business is functioning well.

There are a wide variety of tools and software available to monitor the network system and performance of the application. But, you need to choose the one that suit your requirements and handle the intended job efficiently.